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Wake Up Rama // St. // Sanjeev T

Wake up Rama stems from the feeling we experience when we hear stories and incidents against women. it is shameful how the indian male has dared to go to extents unheard of. Many of us don’t relate to this kind of indian male – yet we feel responsible – and we need to keep the conversation alive until education can make the playing felid even. The title is synonymous to the role models we choose and how we desperately need to learn and understand the right things from tradition and not interpret it to a justification towards violence.

Smile // St. // Sanjeev T

It was a period of introspection in both my career and journey in music. Caught between what was working in the industry and what I truly wanted to do as a musician. I tried to reach out for answers – through this roller coaster of a journey. I learnt the hard way to smile in the face of fear – like a child with only the spirit of adventure in my mind. The music school was a new beginning for me – an opportunity to share knowledge with students which in turn gave me time to think and act on the more important things that I value in life.

‘Smile’ was the first song I worked on in the album – the song that brought us together as a band in the first place.